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ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator Chongqing Office Opened

Time:2016-03-24 View:1146次 Author:admin

Settled in Xiantao Big Data Valley, ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator develops an innovative IoT ecosystem together with the Valley.


ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator (ARM Accelerator for short) Beijing office has unveiled in January 2016. March 24, 2016, it announced the opening of Chongqing office, which locates in ARM ecosystem industrial park in Xiantao Big Data Valley of Chongqing Yubei District. Government and business leaders attended the event, including Mu Huaping, Secretary of Chongqing Yubei District; Tang Chuan, Acting District Head of Chongqing Yubei District; Wang Xiaoping, Chairman of Xiantao Big Data Valley; Simon Segars, CEO of ARM; Allen Wu, EVP and President of Greater China, ARM; Rock Yang, VP of Thundersoft; Andy Chen, co-founder and CEO of ARM Accelerator. Some accelerated representatives of ARM Accelerator also attended the event. 

ARM Accelerator Chongqing Office Officially Opened

IoT industry is a strategic emerging industry developing dramatically around the world. It is predicted that its market size will reach one trillion yuan in the near future. Chongqing Yubei District is now focusing on developing IoT industries to make it an important carrier for intelligent manufacturing, IoT, and innovation ecosystem. With the technical services as the core competitiveness, ARM Accelerator - the first platform in China combining abundant resources of ARM ecosystem - provides acceleration and incubation services in IoT market. It focuses on six fields, including AR/VR, robotics and artificial intelligence, smart car, smart healthcare, smart home, and smart city. The core services for startups such as technology consulting, development acceleration, and global brand promotion are provided. With its Chongqing office settled in ARM ecosystem industrial park in Chongqing Yubei District, relied on technical and industrial advantages, ARM Accelerator will continually provide diversified services to the innovative startups and enterprises of Chongqing and China's central and western regions. This will help Chongqing Yubei District to build a complete IC industry ecosystem. 

   Mu Huaping, Secretary of Chongqing Yubei District, conferred the "Golden Key" to enterprises signed in Xiantao Big Data Valley

ARM Accelerator is now mainly divided into two service directions - incubation services based on eco-market and acceleration services as the core of technology development. The first Startups Developing Camp has already launched in late January this year. Nearly 200startups have applied for the camp. ARM Accelerator will finally choose 10 to 20 startups through systemic and strict selection criteria. As for acceleration services, more innovative startups have now reached acceleration agreements with ARM Accelerator. ARM Accelerator will make specific supports for these startups, providing technical solutions and engineering development to help shorten the R&D cycle from prototype to production. Such as startups as below:

Eyesee: Eyesee is an innovative startup who has its own intellectual property (IP) in smart car. It focuses on smart car hardware, "Internet plus vehicle" solutions, and R & D of ADAS. Eyesee has a world-class R & D team owning abundant and practical R & D experiences for innovative projects. In two fields of smart car - visual analysis to driving safety and artificial intelligence, Eyesee has gained many national invention patents, software copyrights, and trademarks. Partner with famous scientific and technical corporations like Baidu and iFLYTEK, Eyesee developed a series of smart car solutions, which gained excellent market effect. 

uSens: Founded in 2013, Silicon Valley based uSens Inc. creates 3D Human-Computer Interaction software and hardware for augmented and virtual reality experiences. As a world leader in AR/VR interaction technology, uSense is the first high-tech company in Silicon Valley providing 3D hand tracking for mobile platforms as well as combining   AR and VR technologies together. uSens, together with Oculus and Magic Leap, was once named by Jon Peddie - a famous American technology critic - as three technologies bringing better VR interactive experiences for people. Impression Pi, the first consumer-grade mobile AR and VR Head Mounted Display combining 3D hand tracking, movement tracking, and AR plus VR, will be on sale in this summer. 

"The opening of ARM Accelerator Chongqing office can better combine ARM ecosystem resources to promote the establishment of IoT and innovative ecosystem in Chongqing and surrounding areas," said Andy Chen, co-founder and CEO of ARM Accelerator. "Except for Eyesee and uSens announced in this event, ARM Accelerator also signed acceleration agreements with other enterprises, such as the intelligent perception and deep learning startup PerceptIn- which is founded by core members of Magic Leap and Baidu USA; and IoT startup consisted of teams fromtier-1 semiconductor companies in USA. Since these projects are in a quiet period, we currently cannot disclose too many details."

"Chongqing Xiantao Big Data Valley is now building a national smart hardware industry base," said Allen Wu, EVP and President of Greater China, ARM." We are pleased to participate in the process of introducing global advanced technologies in China to build an innovation platform, to incubate and accelerate the disruptive innovation, and even to promote the whole industry moving towards intelligence."

"With the emerging of IoT, mobile intelligent terminal is popularized and the operating system gradually becomes perfect and mature. The mobile operating system has now quickly extend to smart hardware and IoT industries," said Larry Geng, CEO of Thundersoft. "I hope that combined the technical advantages and continually innovative localization services of ARM and Thundersoft, ARM Accelerator can provide more supports for IoT innovative startups to produce competitive and differentiated smart hardware terminal. ARM Accelerator will provide a basic industrial platform for smart hardware enterprises and innovative startups, as well as help to accelerate the innovation and development of "intelligent manufacturing in China" of smart hardware industry.

ARM Accelerator Beijing and Chongqing office have already opened. Shanghai and Shenzhen offices’ opening is forthcoming. Accumulating technical advantages and integrating upstream and downstream industrial resources, ARM Accelerator, together with partners, will continue to help more innovative applications landing and to make a new engine for innovation and quick development of China's smart hardware industry. 

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