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ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator, in association with ARM, support the Tencent VR Developer prog

Time:2015-12-21 View:674次 Author:admin

On December 21, 2015, in Beijing Kerry Center Hotel, sponsored by Tencent 'Future has to - VR developers Salon (Beijing station) "was successfully held. The Tencent VR team made its debut and focuses on how to solve the VR equipment experience and content of two big core themes to share, and officially released Tencent VR SDK and developer support program. ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator will work together to support the Tencent VR Developer program, committed the entrepreneurial team to provide VR field incubation and acceleration service. Tencent will also recommend outstanding projects to the Ecosystem Accelerator, and work together to build a better ecosystem.

2015 was the first year of the AR/VR industry, and AR/VR companies have taken a big step forward since. After a period of time to explore the idea period, the whole industry chain has entered the stage of production. TrendForce said in 2016 that global VR equipment is expected to reach 1600 million units, and the market revenue size is expected to reach =7 billion, and by 2020 the market size will exceed --00 billion. At the same time, Piperjaffray is expecting that in 2016, Oculus Rift sales will reach 360 million units, the Morpheus 140 million units, and GearVR 500 million units. 

Kevin stated that VR is full of opportunity, that mobile VR is current trend, and hopes to move through the core components of the processor to build a better platform. The VR field is one of the accelerator projects which has been focused on and ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator is committed to provide core services for the entrepreneurial teams, and will be using ARM technology and market resources and science Chuangda has accumulated experience in the mobile OS and reference design, so that they can provide developers with VR collar domains to accelerate development and scale production. Together with ARM, Tencent and other large companies of the entrepreneurial team can provide resources and recommended brand promotion, and work together to build the VR ecosystem and the power industry development. 

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