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Integrate global ecological resources and plan for global recruitment channels

Time:2016-10-12 View:485次 Author:admin


On October 11, 2016, the "UK-China TechHUB Boot Camp Program" organized by the UK Department for International Trade, Shenzhen State High-Tech Industrial Innovation Center and ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator officially kicked off at the Venice Raytour Hotel Shenzhen. During the three-day event, 11 start-ups from the United Kingdom brought their projects to Shenzhen, exchanging thoughts with local government, investors, branded manufacturers and supply chain manufacturers. With the help of ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator, these founders and their teams visited Huawei, Skyworth, Hytera, LKK, and enterprises based in Huaqiang North to exchange ideas on innovative technologies, product supply chain management, and manufacturing management with executives from these companies, in a bid to get insight into the whole process of product development.
For foreign start-up teams to tap into the Chinese market, they must set up a foothold in China as the first step. ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator has provided practical support to these entrepreneurs! As the first visit to China under the 2016-2017 UK-China TechHUB Boot Camp Program, the event has been highly praised by the British team and partners as it has truly created an open joint innovation platform for companies in both countries, promoting cooperation between local industries and international markets, while also accelerating development and innovation in global smart hardware, IoT and other areas, which helps the British project teams more successfully enter China.
At the launching ceremony of the UK-China TechHUB Boot Camp Program, representatives of both Chinese and British governments attended and affirmed the positive significance of the cooperation between China and the UK for leveraging global resources, promoting innovation and driving mutual development. Senior executives of ARM and ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator also gave speeches to demonstrate the specific measures and roles of the UK-China TechHUB Boot Camp Program, including the projects of resource interface, market interface and platform interface between the two counties.
Despite the support of the national government, to be truly embedded into the Chinese market, foreign companies must also comply with local laws and regulations and related policies. So how to adapt to these as soon as possible and avoid any problem? On the launch day, legal professionals and business consultants provided the foreign entrepreneurial teams with valuable advice from a professional point of view. They not only explained the particularities of Chinese laws, but also pointed out areas of concern in the business administration, legal, tax, intellectual property, trademarks and other aspects for start-ups. They also listed some common problems and related viable solutions, paving the way for UK start-ups to enter the Chinese market. In addition, to help foreign enterprises better understand local policies and regulations, ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator also designed a variety of interesting activities for the Chinese and British project teams, such as illustrating local government policies in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Chongqing on three panels, where each person can choose any group and have face-to-face communication and interaction with the narrator. The 11 UK teams brought their excellent ideas, works and models to the event to showcase their superior technologies and creativity to China. They shared their experiences with the audience, expressing the desire to seek for Chinese partners.
Moreover, in order to effectively promote the communication and technological exchanges between Chinese and British enterprises, ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator also led the 11 British companies to embark on a visit to outstanding companies in Shenzhen.
On Oct 12, ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator and these UK companies visited Skyworth Group Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen LKK Industrial Design Co., Ltd. Wang Zhiguo, representative of Skyworth Group Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Shenzhen COOCAA Network Technology Co., Ltd., and Wang Hao, Assistant General Manager of Shenzhen COOCAA Network Technology Co., Ltd., among others, introduced Skyworth products, such as color TVs, air conditioners and smart home appliances, to the British enterprises, who showed a strong interest in Skyworth's various products and technologies and kept raising questions to Skyworth representatives on product design, technology and marketing, while also introduced their own products and technologies to the latter. Through communication and exchanges, the two sides reached a preliminary agreement on technological cooperation. Meanwhile, Zhao Rui, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen LKK Industrial Design Co., Ltd., also explained to the British enterprises on LKK’s design concepts, design work and other aspects in detail. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on product design, laying a solid foundation for the next step cooperation on the UK product design.


On Oct 13, ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator also led the 11 UK enterprises to visit Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Hytera Communications Corporation Limited, and many other excellent enterprises. Jiang Wangcheng, Vice President of Marketing and Solutions Division of Huawei Technologies, and Zhong Youping, General Manager of HuaweiLiteOS Open Source Development Team, exchanged views with the UK companies on its IoT products, technologies and applications. Representatives of Hytera Communications Corporation Limited invited the British team to visit their automation factory after both parties exchanged on products and technologies. The factory manager gave a detailed introduction of the production technology, process and management of the company. And Xu Xiaoxiao, Deputy General Manager of Huaqiang Flagship business department, also make detailed explanation for UK visitors on its market planning and product categories, and they expressed a strong interest in and intent of cooperation on the Huaqiang Flagship one-stop components procurement platform (including supply quality assurance, procurement in small quantity, etc).


The success of the UK-China TechHUB Boot Camp Program has enabled Chinese and British enterprises to communicate and interact with each other and showcase their advanced and excellent products and technologies, which helps achieve mutual development through promoting scientific and technological innovation and business cooperation between China and the UK, strengthening trade and bilateral relations between the two countries, and driving innovation and development in the global smart hardware, IoT and other areas. For ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator, understanding the needs of foreign maker teams also allows it to provide them with professional acceleration services. It can be imagined that in ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator will certainly speed up its pace of going global the future.


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