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China Mobile IoT - ARM Accelerator Joint Innovation Lab, boost expansion of China Mobile IoT’s ecosystem

Time:2016-05-20 View:944次 Author:admin

May 20, 2016, China Mobile IoT - ARM Accelerator Joint Innovation Lab officially launched in Beijing. China Mobile IoT Executive Vice President Qiao Hui, China Mobile IoT Vice President, Senior Technical Director Xiao Qing, ARM Global Vice President and ARM China President Wu Xiongang, ARM Accelerator co-founder and CEO Chen Peng attended the opening ceremony, jointly launched the Joint Innovation Lab.

The Joint Innovation Lab establishes in ARM Accelerator's headquarter in Beijing. In the future, ARM Accelerator considers expanding the joint lab to other offices as well, in order to provide complete development platform based on China Mobile IoT’s cloud, management, and network endpoint, satisfying the needs of both sides. 

China Mobile IoT’s OneNet cloud equipment is an open platform and ecosystem based on IoT technology and industry, fulfilling the requirements of services including devices connectivity, protocol adaptation, data storage and security, big data analysis, and so on. Relying on the ARM ecosystem’s resources advantage, ARM Accelerator integrated high-efficiency IoT chips, correspondence modules, and IoT terminals. This cooperation will provide the lab with OneNet equipment’s cloud development environment and technical support, providing current or future ARM Accelerator’s IoT teams with complete IoT solution references in all vertical industries, so that more teams can connect into the OneNet cloud. China Mobile IoT and ARM Accelerator also work together to provide the start-up companies with online and offline product marketing and sales services.

During the ceremony, President Chen and Chen Fang, Director of the Department of Open Platform, briefed the participants on the evolution of China Mobile IoT’s Internet of Things products, as well as the overall thinking in the R&D of chip product and the layout of the open platform. 

China Mobile IoT Vice President Qiao Hui said, “The Internet of Things gradually entered a stage of rapid development, the market is starting to grow. Our cloud platform, including our intelligent pipeline, is open to the public, in order to provide services to the entire industry. This will increase development efficiency, quickly realizing the IoT requirement. At present, OneNet has more than 3.2 million equipment connected, and the dedicated network has 23 million users. It will grow in the future. In fact, this data has proved valuable already. We hope that everyone can work on the ARM Accelerator’s platform and promote the development of IoT ecosystem.”

ARM Accelerator co-founder and CEO Chen Peng said, “We hope that the establishment of the Joint Lab will be helpful to start-up companies in the IoT field, reducing the threshold of development, shortening product development cycle, and creating an open and win-win IoT ecosphere, promote the development of the IoT industry. At the same time, our cooperation with China Mobile IoT broke the barrier of offline sales, providing our innovative entrepreneurs with an extra sales channel and discounted channels of China Mobile IoT. This will prove to be significantly valuable for start-up companies.”

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