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A new chapter of joint creation and collaborative service opened by ARM Accelerator and Datang Innovation Port

Time:2016-12-28 View:805次 Author:admin

December 28, 2016 - The Joint Creation and Collaborative Service Center established by ARM Accelerator and Datang Telecom’s Datang Innovation Port is officially launched in Beijing Datang Harbor Base. Datang Innovation Harbor CEO Zhang Zhe, Assistant General Manager Chen Mei, ARM Accelerator CEO Chen Peng, and ARM Sales Director Xu Yatao attended the event. The center is a significant benchmark for bilateral innovation cooperation between ARM Accelerator and Datang Innovation Port, and indicates a new chapter in the collaboration of the pan-IC field.

It is understood that the Joint Creation Center aims to provide all-in-one services for smart hardware and IoT companies. In the service center, through the integration of advantage resources and connection to industry chain, opening up of industry’s up and down stream, cooperating with Datang Innovation Harbor, start-up intelligent hardware companies will be able to speed up their growth.

ARM Accelerator, as part of ARM, has an important role in its ecosystem layout. It possesses technological assets (including intelligent hardware, IoT technology) and unique ARM global ecosystem resources. Datang Harbor, with resources of Datang Telecom’s pan-IC industry, will be able to make use of the advantages of the clustering effect of local start-up projects. This bilateral cooperation will give both companies the technology and resources of wireless communication’s intellectual property, algorithms, security, protocol stack, software platform, integrated application, product design and all-in-one solutions. ARM Accelerator will become a professional and targeted innovation accelerator, collaboratively help small and medium-sized enterprises’ development and growth. 

ARM Accelerator’s CEO Chen Peng said at the launching ceremony, “The growth of the industry is not separable from the rational allocation and utilization of the resources. The scarcity of the resources is precisely the bottleneck of the development of innovation companies. ARM Accelerator welcomes cooperation to make better use of our resources and energy, making one plus one larger than two. Hence we can help the start-up companies in need to break their bottlenecks, obtain a greater growth, and become the leader in cutting-edge technologies.”

At present, the Joint Creation and Collaborative Service Center has been open to SMEs and creators, providing development, design, and solution services to companies in the AI and IoT field. In the future, ARM Accelerator and Datang Innovation Harbor will adjust the resources configuration based on the need of SMEs, whereby provide them with more efficient services, helping them in speed up their growth and in gaining success.

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