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Creation of Innovative Integrated Ecological System — 1024+ARM, 1024 ARM Accelerator Joint Innovation Laboratory officially landed Yunqi Town

Time:2016-04-15 View:657次 Author:admin

April 15, 1024+ARM Joint Innovation Laboratory and 1024 ARM Accelerator Joint Innovation Laboratory were officially launched in Yunqi town.

ARM Accelerator, cooperating with the world leading semiconductor IP provider ARM and 1024 Innovation Incubator, will land in Yunqi and establish 1024+ARM, 1024 ARM Accelerator Joint Innovation Laboratory.  From smart hardware industry, ARM will introduce more leading techniques, development resources, design service, branding resources, and so on to the local environment. By making use of the advantages of ARM ecological system, training will be provided to entrepreneurs and start-up companies; connections made on the technological resources platform will significantly reduce the amount of time and cost designers needed to realize their ideas. ARM Accelerator will be providing entrepreneurs with full industry chain support and deep technology support. Collaborating with ARM, Foxconn, Alibaba, and Ginkgo Valley Capital, ARM Accelerator will aim to construct an integrated ecosystem environment including R&D, manufacturing, finance, crowdfunding, e-commerce, and so on. 

ARM Accelerator Chen Peng said, “Yunqi town innovation and development model has become a distinctive innovation ecosystem. ARM Accelerator is very pleased to come to Yunqi and help to create an entrepreneurial ecosphere. We’ll make use of our unique advantages, provide targeted and competitive products and programs to help great entrepreneurs. Based on Yunqi town, 1024 ARM Accelerator Joint Innovation Laboratory will focus on providing incubator and accelerator services to Zhejiang and Hangzhou intelligent hardware and IoT innovation enterprises. I look forward to seeing more innovations start and become a success here.”

ARM Vice President of Strategy Pan Zhenyuan said, “ARM will regularly devote to construct open and innovative ecosystem, which will be suitable for nurturing mind-blowing innovations, and promote the industry move toward a smart world in which everything’s connected. Yunqi town has excellent industry foundation and entrepreneurial atmosphere. ARM will take the role of a constructor, and help teams and companies with significant innovation power to realize their ideas, and to make truly distinctive products. We can expect 1024+ARM Joint Innovation Laboratory will speed up “subversive” innovation of both hardware and software as well as the birth of exceptional smart applications and services.” 

1024 Innovation Incubator’s Representative, Ginkgo Valley Capital CEO, Chen Xiangming said in the launching ceremony, “This new platform will combine the forces of capital and resources, discovering and cultivating entrepreneurial unicorn.”

Yunqi town is the first cloud eco-industrial town. Surrounding cloud computing and big data, the town has attracted not only start-up companies such as Tao Fu Cheng Zhen, Dtdream, Rococo design center, Ekoplat, Bigdata-X, but also enterprises such as Foxconn and Alibaba. Nowadays, the landing of 1024 ARM Accelerator Joint Innovation Laboratory will add new resources to the town, and to a further extent promote the entrepreneurial synergy between large enterprises and start-up companies, working together to create an atmosphere of “Blue Sky Technology, Black Soil Industry, Innovative Pasture”.

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