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First pilot, Accelerate Intelligent Interconnections of Everything – OPEN AI LAB Officially Established

Time:2016-12-01 View:1606次 Author:admin

December 1, 2016, Beijing - The Artificial Intelligent Laboratory – OPEN AI LAB officially established by the ARM Ecosystem Accelerator joint with Allwinner Technology and Horizon Robotics in Beijing on the first day of December 2016. OPEN AI LAB aims at exploring a new model for cooperation to advance the embedded systems applied in artificial intelligence in both software and hardware as well as the coordinated development of industrialization of application implementations.


Professor Zhang Bo, Academician of The Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor of Tsinghua University, showed his extensive attention and congratulation to OPEN AI LAB in his speech at the conference. Director Lu Shan from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center first congratulated on the establishment of OPEN AI LAB. He then mentioned that he was looking forward to seeing that all leading enterprises from both the upstream and downstream of this industry will strengthen collaboration in advancing the embedded systems be applied in artificial intelligence industrialization, and also to promote the development of fundamental technologies and the spreading of applications.


Professor Zhang Bo, Academician of The Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor of Tsinghua University


Mr. Wu Xiongang, ARM Global Vice President and President of ARM China, Mr. Chen Peng, The ARM Ecosystem Accelerator CEO, Mr. Xue Wei, The Allwinner Technology Vice President and Mr. Yu Kai, The Horizon Robotics Founder & CEO elaborated the background of OPEN AI LAB and the significance of developing embedded artificial intelligence ecosystem.


Mr. Wu Xiongang introduced the tendency of artificial intelligence industrialization and the mission of OPEN AI LAB: “Based on the big data created from mobile internet, the algorithm theory and cloud application of artificial intelligence have got significant achievement over the past few years, however, the success of any technological revolution depends on whether it can improve daily human life or not. One of the factors of success of artificial intelligence is that it must have the ability to let all modern embedded devices possess the capacity to see, to hear and to understand in order to assist people to make better decisions in their daily life. I hope OPEN AI LAB can explore new models of cooperation to solve common problems when implements connection from chip to applications in real industry and that the embedded systems of artificial intelligence industry will get popular soon.”


Mr. Wu Xiong’ang, The ARM Vice Global CEO and President of China


Mr. Chen Peng said: “The time of intelligence internet has come, and this will generate a fully intelligent and interconnected model. During the sustainable development of artificial intelligence, one of the important steps is how to accomplish shared resources and complementary advantages in the dynamic development of industry ecosystem in order to come up with innovative solutions. ARM Ecosystem Accelerator makes use of rich ecological resources, connections and technical advantages, committing to assist innovative enterprises with docking resources. We are going to gather more and better technology innovation start-ups and leading businesses in artificial intelligence field to strengthen docking skills, stimulate innovations and accelerate growth of industry in many aspects such as technology, application and market.”


Mr. Chen Peng, The ARM Ecosystem Accelerator CEO


Mr. Xue Wei said that at this moment, the specific features of artificial intelligence application deployment are big data and computing in a high-power consumption and high density way. High-power consumption restricts the infiltration of artificial intelligence into more front-end applications. The industry urges some solutions of high efficiency and low power consumption artificial intelligent chips. Close industrial cooperation is needed to solve this problem and to push artificial intelligence into front-end applications such as loT, for cars, handhold, etc. Allwinner Technology has spent a long time on designing high performance with low power consumption called the ‘SoC+’ program. He hoped that during the OPEN AI LAB program, they could link chips, algorithms and application into systematic solutions to promote the popularity of artificial intelligence applications and AI+.


Mr. Xue Wei, The Allwinner Technology Vice President


Mr. Yu Kai said: “We standing in front of the door of the fourth industrial revolution. The difference of this revolution from the past three ones is that this is a revolution with machines. It aims to achieving intelligent, sensitive environment, the most natural human-computer interaction, real-time autonomous decision control and finally achieve the real intelligence of everything based on the interconnections of everything. The improvements of embedded artificial intelligent technology and set up of industry ecosystem are going to be the core power to promote the time of intelligence of everything to come. So far, Horizon Robots has been committed to embedded artificial intelligent product research and development. We’ve achieved success with depth cooperation with internationally known manufactures in many intelligent life fields (such as Robert Bosch GmbH, Midea Group, etc.), which established our leading position in embedded artificial intelligence worldwide. In the future, we hope that with the cooperation with many partners in OPEN AI LAB program, we are going to make people’s daily life safer, more convenient and more enjoyable.”


Mr. Yu Kai, The Horizon Robotics Founder & CEO


OPEN AI LAB, with open architecture, will welcome all cooperators in the industrial chain to join us in varies of ways. We are going to innovatively explore technical cooperation models for embedded artificial intelligent application industrialization. In the technical fields, we hope to make full use of existing embedded computing resources combined with new technology to consolidate common value. OPEN AI LAB also plans to technically cooperate with organizations such as universities, artificial intelligence laboratory from major companies to promote applications and expand development ecosystems. We hope that with deep cooperation within the industry, there will be intelligence wherever programs run.

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