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Aggregate industry ecological resources, layout global recruitment channels — the first “Sino-British Scientific and Technological Innovation Workshop” finished perfectly

Time:2016-10-22 View:824次 Author:admin

On October 11, 2016, co-organized with UK’s Department for International Trade and State High-Tech Industrial Innovation Center, Shenzhen, ARM Accelerator’s Sino-British Scientific and Technological Innovation Workshop officially started at Shenzhen Venice Ruitu Hotel, kicking off the first UK-China TechHUB Boot Camp program’s trip to China. Sherry Madera, Minister Counselor of UK’s Department for International Trade, Li Wenjiang, Deputy Director of State High-Tech Industrial Innovation Center, Shenzhen, Mr. Wu Xiongang, ARM Global Vice President and ARM China President, Chen Peng, CEO of ARM Accelerator attended the event and gave speeches. They elaborated on the willingness to cooperate and high expectation to this event. Afterwards, UK Companies successfully completed their first show in China.

Guests from left to right are:

Senior Trade and Investment Officer of UK’s Department for International Trade   Yang Jun

Director of China’s Science & Technology industry, UK’s Department for International Trade    Danial Shaikh

ARM Global Vice President and ARM China President Wu Xiongang

Minister Counselor of UK’s Department for International Trade       Sherry Madera

ARM Accelerator, CEO         Chen Peng


In the event, 11 innovation companies from the UK brought their projects and products to Shenzhen, starting the 4-day event. In addition to the first day’s road show, local policy introduction and on-site modelling interaction, ARM Accelerator also lead the 11 British companies to a trip to Shenzhen model businesses.


These founders visited Huawei, Skyworth, Hytera, LKK, and Huaqiang North companies, and discussed thoroughly topics such as innovation technology development, project supply chain connection, manufacture process management, as well as possibilities of cooperation. During the communication, both China and the UK showed keen interests in collaboration and reached preliminary cooperation intention in further technological collaboration.

The success of this “Sino-British Scientific and Technological Innovation Workshop” allows both Chinese and British companies involved in a deep communication and presented excellent product and technology of each country. To an extent promoted scientific research, innovation, and business cooperation between China and the UK, the event further fostered bilateral trading relation and achieved mutual development. Attendees highly appraise the event. In the next two months, British teams will come again to China, hoping to get a deeper understanding of Chinese start-up environment, and further promote landing of cooperations.


Through the integration of resources from ARM ecosystems’ partners, ARM Accelerator actively layout for global entrepreneurship new ecosystem. Aiming to accelerate global smart hardware and innovations of IoT field, ARM Accelerator hopes to provide an open, collaborative innovation and technology exchange platform for domestic and overseas innovation companies. At present, ARM Accelerator has already established recruitment channels in the UK, US, Canada, Israel, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and so on. This will be further expanded in the future. ARM Accelerator, as the Chinese partner of these exceptional overseas innovation companies, will endeavor to help connect them to China’s resources, including policies, channels, investments, markets, supply chains and so on. Promoting progress both in innovation and in business, ARM Accelerator encourages deeper cooperation between domestic industries and overseas market, helping overseas entrepreneurs landing successfully in China.


Comments from British team

AlphaSphere - Hentry Tsang

This event not only deepened out understanding of Shenzhen’s industry, from communicating with other British teams, we also broadened our horizons. Also, we can feel the effort of British Embassy and ARM Accelerator.


2. AptaCam - Zhang Yang

The TechHUB event has rich content and enjoyable programs, giving overseas teams a better understanding of ARM ecosystem and Shenzhen start-up environment. The event is very well organized, and staff is very helpful. We hope that the event can be organized in other cities in China so that we can understand further business environment and support in other parts of China. 

 3.Digital Kinematics – Charles Duffy

Just being in the first couple of days of the ARM Accelerator has boosted our confidence by introducing our company to the Chinese market and manufacturing ecosystem. ARM Accelerator's genuine keenness to nurture our company and plug us into their expansive network is invaluable. Digital Kinematics is humbled by the support.

4.Flint OS – Will Smith

The TechHUB has been a great experience for us. The connections and knowledge we have made will really help us to tailor our product to the China market. We can't wait to set up a china team and introduce out product to china.

5.Hoxton Analytics – Owen McCormack

I think it has overall been very successful - getting up close to large companies like Huawei was great, and getting an insight into the manufacturing techniques and environments has helped me understand how the supply chain works in China. I think if we could add something new, it would be good to discuss with successful international entrepreneurs (i.e. People from the UK/US/Australia/Europe) who have been successful in China – I think this would teach some good lessons.

6.nCube Home – Philip Steele

The ARM Accelerator team really know how to introduce us to Chinese industry including potential customers, partners and suppliers. Their connections and knowledge is proving useful. The companies are being introduced to also seem to be more than prepared to work with us due to the reputation of ARM which is therefore a valuable aspect of the Accelerator.

7.Reward Technology – Paul Sheedy

In this post Brexit period where too many UK Tech companies are being bogged down with uncertainty, ARM Accelerator have opened wide the ability to rapidly expand into the Chinese market. Their focus and high level connections have enabled us to rapidly get our China office established and ensure we were fast tracked through any of the complexities that companies may have been exposed to without this incredible insight and guidance delivered by ARM Accelerator. The ARM Accelerator team are highly organised, incredibly focused, approachable and were so well networked to get all our requirements met, this is how major organisations should be establishing eco-systems, that ultimately accelerate ambitious tech companies to open up new markets.

8.Those – Jim Rhodes

UK-China TechHUB is a great experience to help understand many aspects of how our business can grow and be relevant in China. The support and knowledge that has been made available is a valuable resource to startups and will be a great benefit in helping our business reach an entirely new market.

9.X Drive Technology – Jerry Gao / 高喆宇

I’m really happy for participate the event, especially the cooperate visit program, which I learned many useful knowledges. The teams and the organizers are also very friendly, and willing to cooperate with each other. I hope there will be more events like this in the future.

10.UtterBerry – Heba Bevan

I would like to thank you very much for your hospitality, help and support. I really enjoyed my time, it has been educational and an eye opener in many spectrum. I found the interest and the market and the potential for using UtterBerry’s product in China is very large.

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