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Global Plan Integrates Enterprise Resource, Companies Achieve Win-win Through Capital Connection — UK-China TechHUB 2016 Boot Camp graduated successfully

Time:2016-12-15 View:750次 Author:admin

December 14, Shenzhen - Continued from the event “UK-China TechHUB 2016 Boot Camp Program” during the past two months, ARM Accelerator invites eight British teams to China in December to attend the event “ARM Boot Camp 2rd Demo Day” on the 13th of December. A roadshow was held especially for the British team on the 14th to help the team and more than 20 investors to set up connections peer-to-peer.


This is the 3rd large scale event for the British team in the UK-China TechHUB 2016 Boot Camp Program. Just at the same time as ARM Accelerator’s end of year Boot Camp Demo Day took place, the graduation ceremony of UK-China TechHUB 2016 Boot Camp was held. Sherry Madera, Minister Counselor of UK's Department of International Trade, Danial Shaikh, the counsel of the Department of International Trade and the technology director of China, CEO of ARM Accelerator, Chen Peng, and vice president of ARM global and president of ARM China, Wu Xiongang awarded them with graduation certification. As the representatives of the Chinese and British program, Reward Technology and UtterBerry brought a new trend in the technology industry, showed their new products and attracted over 600 people; further received massive attention and approval from judges.


After that, on the 14th, ARM Accelerator held a roadshow and a program investment connection meeting specifically targeting at the program of the British teams. Eight teams did a fantastic roadshow bringing their own product with overseas technical ideas to China, mading the program more solid and real. Each team had a 10-minutes presentation and Q&A session, letting the investors have an overall idea of each program. After the roadshow, investors could choose teams that they interested and fit their investing direction to have a peer to peer communication, to the largest extent knowing the details and chances of cooperating. The two-way selection also gives both sides more freedom and options in order to find the best matches.


Pushed by the trend of the global innovative entrepreneurship, ARM Accelerator puts its emphasis on China and eagerly expands the overseas market. While working with the UK, ARM Accelerator cooperate with British Department of International Trade and the Shenzhen High-Tech Center, started the UK-China TechHUB 2016 program in this June, letting high-quality British entrepreneurship come to China. The program received applications from more than 50 British teams, and 15 of them was approved. After three months of acceleration, four companies have already set up offices in China, while the others are gradually establishing working connection with China. From international corporation, innovative ideas can be raised; global resources will be shared to speed up the development. In the same time, ARM accelerator builds the UK-China Living Lab for TechHUB China and Britain innovation center, opening to all of the Chinese-British programs, helping them and future teams to gain resources and technical supports, building a bridge of cooperation between China and Britain.


The UK-China TechHUB 2016 program lasting three months opens a new page of the collaboration between ARM Accelerator and international innovative team. ARM Accelerator helps British team visiting leading Chinese enterprises, understanding Chinese entrepreneurship power in China at the High-tech EXPO in Shenzhen, connecting with the government, universities, technology industries and capital power. A vast amount of resources and technological power of ARM Accelerator allows the global resource cooperatively works with each other, helping the entrepreneurship team growing rapidly and heading towards success.

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