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Let chip speed up innovation – the final product presentation of the first ARM Bootcamp successfully held

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June 24, 2015, Beijing - The final product presentation of the first ARM Accelerator Boot Camp started in Beijing Successfully. On the first open day, 24 innovative teams of intelligent hardware and IoT research focus area showed the industry their creative ideas and hard power in the technology area. More than 30 influential tutors, partners of famous investment institution and approximately 100 cooperators from ARM ecosystem, as well as more than hundreds of institutions including Qualcomm Investment, Tencent investment, Baidu Investment, Alibaba Investment and Haier Investment, attended this event.


As the first accelerator platform specialises in technological service and ARM ecosystem resources, ARM Accelerator devotes in using their unique advantage of resources and ecological chain since the company was established. It supports and helps innovative entrepreneurship and provides incubator services based on market and accelerator services based on technological development. ARM Accelerator Bootcamp, as one of the most important services for the company, is not only free but also providing those innovative start-ups with resources that worth 100,000 dollars, including development tools, technical training and lab resources. In the meantime, ARM Accelerator makes use of its own advantages to integrating resources in the industry chain, creates an industrial closed cycle and a platform matrix that supports innovation in a better way and speeds up their transforming, incubation and landing of technology.


ARM Global executive vice president and president of China, Wu Xiongang said:” The most crucial part of an innovative start-up company is the connection to the resource. ARM Accelerator has devoted in helping them to solve the problem. First is to connect with technology. Through the global ecosystem of ARM Accelerator, it will bring the best solution and new technologies for a start-up, making its products internationally exceptional and creative. The second is the connection to the industrial resource. Our tutors are some of the most influential CxO of global chip industries. They will be able to bring companies with resources throughout the industrial chain. The third is the connection to capital. ARM Accelerator helps enterprises connecting to capitals of leading venture capital companies. From these three links, I believe start-ups can achieve bigger success through ARM Accelerator and make innovative products with great competitiveness.


ARM Accelerator has invited influential CEOs, CMOs and CTOs from the semiconductor industry to form a tutor group and at the same time invited well-known manufacturers, CxO of the upstream and downstream of industry chain, as well as partners from global famous investment institutions. These tutors not only bring experience in management and but also enrich the resource on the industry chain. That is one of the core advantages of ARM Accelerator.


People who attended this event includes ARM Global executive vice president and president of China, Wu Xiongang, CEO of Thundersoft Di Zengqiang, CEO of Allwinner Technology Tang Lihua, Chairman of the board of Royalstar Pan Baochun, CEO of GigaDevice Zhu Yiming, CEO of Amlogic Zhong Peifeng, CMO of Rockchip Chen Feng, CEO of Linaro George Grey, CEO of Huami Technology Huang Wang, CEO of Brite Semiconductor Zhi Chunxin, CEO of Silergy Semiconductor Technology Chen Wei.


Apart from the leaders in the industry, the event also invited well-known investors and consultants in the industry, including Qualcomm Global Vice President, Investment of China area CEO Shen Jin, Fengrui Capital founder and partner Li Feng, Senior Manager of the board of Hope Investments Management Li Xuan, Huawei International partner Yang Weiyi and Yang Guangzhi, partner of Marathon Venture Yang Ruirong, CEO of Microsoft Ventures Luo Bing, CTO of Jiangmen Capital Management Shen Qiang and so on.


High quality and Strict Selection.


From the beginning of the recruitment of the first ARM Incubation Boot Camp in January of this year, ARM Accelerator gained positive feedbacks and many applications from entrepreneurs. Within the past two months or less, more than 200 applications from entrepreneurs are received. ARM Incubation Boot Camp has a strict and complete selection process. During the selection stage, in order to make sure that we really understand the performance of the program, the project manager had several rounds of phone interviews or face to face interviews with applicants. The tutor and consultant group rechecked projects in the second round. Finally, 24 innovative start-ups became the members of the first ARM Accelerator Boot Camp.


The team and tutors taking pictures together


Among these enterprises, there are four in AR/VR area, three in AI, three in intelligent car area, three in IoT, two in wearable technologies, two in robotics, two in health and care, two chips companies, two software companies and one intelligent storage and big data company. 32 percent of all has an oversea background, such as a perceptive technology and deep learning team that consists of core development team members from Magic Leap and Baidu IDL, as well as IoT team consists of employees from an American world-leading Chip Company.


ARM Accelerator CEO Chen Peng said:” In ARM global ecosystem, there are thousands of co-operators. ARM accelerator grafts the innovative entrepreneurship to a global ecosystem like us. On the one hand, this offers entrepreneurs with resources of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain that others can hardly get access to. On the other hand, it pushes the entrepreneurs run faster on the capital level, making them leaders of new trends. In the future, we are going to provide the resources connection and project development service to domestic and overseas enterprises. At the same time, we hope to cooperate with partners from up and down the stream of the industry chin to create a close-loop start-up ecosystem, speeding up from the chip, and motivate Chinese entrepreneurship up and running.


Additionally, in the event, ARM Accelerator announced that the recruitment of the second phase of incubation boot camp starts today, until September 1. More innovative entrepreneurs are warmly welcomed to join the family.


On-site register


On-site exhibition tour and idea exchanging


On-site exhibition tour and idea exchanging


Private terrace buffet 

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