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"Hard" Creating "Core", the Second Demo day of the Growth Camp Successfully Held

Time:2016-12-15 View:867次 Author:admin

December 13, 2016, Shenzhen - ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator second Demo Day of the Growth Camp is held today in Shenzhen Ritz-Carlton according to the plan. Over 600 guests packed the auditorium, including local government representatives, leaders of well-known industry chain leading enterprises, investors and so on. The selected 20 innovative entrepreneurship teams, focusing on intelligent hardware and IoT hotspots, presented their innovative strength and results to industry leaders, prominent investment partners, ARM ecosystem partners and other representatives from upstream and downstream of the industry chain.


Memories of the first Demo Day of the Growth Camp in Beijing still fresh, today, the second Demo day goes one step further, bringing new innovative gifts to the industry.


Fantastic hardware roadshow lasted three and a half hours, during which the core members of the team displayed their work with patience, and guest judges made well-directed comments. The projects’ level of innovation, achievability, market potential are important assessment criteria for judges. Ultimately, the "best potential" award goes to Renren Intelligence after judges’ voting, and the most popular ARM Innovation star goes to Chuyun Technology after online voting. 

Good Project and Excellent Team


Through the hard practice of the first phase of Growth Camp, ARM Accelerator becomes more professional on project screening. At the beginning of the selection period, ARM Accelerator has a good project primitive accumulation. Upholding the concept “selective seeding”, through some rounds of telephone communication, onsite visiting, side observation as well as other means, ARM Accelerator gather a comprehensive understanding of the current situation of the applicant company to ensures the quality of the selected team.


In the later phase, ARM Accelerator invites intelligent hardware experts, investors, industry leaders to form a composite review team, giving a targeted analysis and reevaluation of the project. Cutting in different angles, market potential and growth ability will be evaluated to ensure the professionalism of project screening. In the end, after several rounds of evaluation meetings, 20 selected innovation teams with good senses of industry trends, mature team configuration, clear business model were chosen to join the second phase of ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator Growth Camp. ARM Accelerator will


ARM Accelerator will accurately point out the core of the industry chain enterprises to make sure of a successful docking with industry ecological chain. Through the integration of platform resources, ARM Accelerator aims to create a service platform matrix and become a boost engine of the industry.


Overall, domestic projects accounted for 68% of all projects, and overseas projects accounted for 32%. These companies include four AI companies, three AR/VR companies, three medical and health companies, two IoT companies, two smart transportation companies, one robot company, one chip company, one wearable technology company, one security company, one intelligent city company, and one software company.


Capital Introduction and Stronger Team


With a broad range of network resources, ARM Accelerator invites some well-known investors, semiconductor and SoC industry leaders and senior media commentators to team up and make targeted comments on the road show projects. These professionals are: ARM Global Executive Vice President and President of Greater China Wu Xiongang, Zhongkechuangda Vice President of Investment Yang Yuxin, ARM Accelerator CEO Chen Peng, Qualcomm Vice Global President and President of China Investment Shen Jing, General Manager of China Venture Capital Association Deputy Secretary-General Chen Wenyang, China Resources Microelectronics Assistant General Manager and CEO of CR Saimei Chen Yiqun, Quanzhi Technology President Tang Lihua, Yingnuo Angel Investment Partner Zhu Xiaorui, Alpha Commune CEO Xu Siqing, Geeks founder, CSDN founder Jiang Tao, Tianfeng Securities electronics chief analyst Nong Bingli, Softbank China Capital Partner Liu Yin, Rockchip Microelectronics CMO Chen Feng, Songhe Capital Partner Wang Yang, Gebi Capital Partner Xu Chen, Feng Rui Capital Executive Director Zhang Chu, EE Insights founder Sun Xuchang, ARM Accelerator Fund Management Partner Man Kun.


Executives of the industry (manufacturers, internet companies, etc.) and representatives of the world's leading investment institutions also came to the scene to see the project, look for innovation, and talk about investment. These organisations include China Resources Group, TCL, Skyworth, Midea, BYD, ZTE, Huawei, Xinwei Group, BOE Technology, KPMG, PwC and so on. At the same time, over 200 well-known industry investment institution founders and executives also participated in the event. These industry leaders bring not only substantial capital and industrial resources, but also their understanding of the future, guidelines for future developments, and so on. Standing on the shoulder of ARM Accelerator, innovation and entrepreneurship team will accelerate forward, and meet with success ultimately.


ARM Accelerator CEO Chen Peng said: with the increasing number of partners, our customized service matrix is constantly upgrading. We are industry leaders regarding technology resources exchanging, docking of industry upstream and downstream, as well as docking of capital resources. Optimization of resources and targeted docking make ARM Accelerator the best growth accelerator company. Driven by the global innovation trend, ARM Accelerator actively expand overseas recruitment channels. Co-organized with UK government, UK-China TechHUB 2016 project brings exceptional UK start-up project to China. International cooperation brings new ideas of scientific and technological innovation and removes border of resources sharing and technical exchange. We look forward to co-operating with domestic and overseas partners, realize our dreams with courage, and change the future with innovation.

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