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Arm Accelerator Camp is recruiting


Which areas of innovation "black" technology we look for


What kind of startups we need

·  Technology driven innovative enterprises

·  Need Arm Ecosystem resources and deep technical services


Our core strengths

Semiconductor SoC industry has the influence of CEO, CMO, CTO and other leaders to form a mentor group, but also includes the CxO from the brand equipment manufacturers, the Internet, and other industrial chain upstream and downstream of world famous investment institutions. As partners, these mentors not only share their experience, but also have access to resources of the entire industry chain, which is one of the core strengths of the Ecosystem Accelerator.


How to join the Camp

1. Access the official website, and enter the application on the page;

2. Download the application form at the bottom of the page , then fill out the complete application form and send to

3. Please send your BP together with the application form . This will increase your chances of success.


Services we offer

Arm Ecosystem Accelerator incubator is not only free, but also has access to innovative and entrepreneurial companies to provide a variety of resources worth '0 million, including development tools, professional and technical training, laboratory resources, etc..

2  The technical consultant and resources docking

1. Product technical consultant, including: IP ARM product consulting, SoC design process, system solution selection training, etc.

2. Vertical segmentation market information and industry ecology training

2  The laboratory service

1. Provide the development environment and part of the development board;

2. Provide development tools and development platform related training;

3. Provide technical and project consulting;

4. Provide a laboratory booth to show the team's products or solutions;

2  Technical activities

1. A regular technical seminar will be held. Partner or solution provider will be invited to teach technology and system solutions;

2. Arm accelerator will help to organize some activities according to the specific requirements from Arm Accelerator Camp members;

3. Arm Accelerator Camp members have preference to participate in relevant seminars, and on-site communication with guests;

4. Arm accelerator can organize the corresponding technical product promotion activities if the members have such promotion demands;

2  The market and brand promotion

1. Promotional activities: Activity participation opportunity of ARM  Accelerator and Arm, such as the Arm Accelerator Camp Demo Day , as well as customized events, conferences, etc.

2. Platform promotion: through the official website and official WeChat and collaborative promotion;

3. Media promotion: docking public relations media resources, to assist the startups whenever a report is issued;

2  Become lifelong Arm Accelerator Alumni members

2  The investment and financing docking

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